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We're glad you're interested in joining our team as a volunteer.

Ready to join?

We are searching for individuals who possess the following skills:
  • Facilitation: Confidence in directing people and solving problems
  • Communication: Ability to engage and excite participants
  • Fun: Keeping the atmosphere positive
  • Passion: Enthusiasm for hackathons
  • Reliability: Trustworthiness to allow hackers to focus on hacking and having fun.
We have several categories of help for you to choose from:
  • Info/Registration team: Responsible for helping participants with registration and answering questions about the event.
  • Parties and Catering team: In charge of organizing and setting up food and drinks for the participants.
  • Event Support team: Providing support for the smooth running of the event, such as setting up and tearing down equipment.
  • Stage Moderation: Moderating the stage events and ensuring a seamless program flow.
  • Photographers: Capturing memories of the event through photos.
  • Challenge Area Crew: Assisting participants in the challenge area, such as setting up equipment or answering questions.
  • Tech Help team: Providing technical support to participants during the event.
  • Logistics (driving license required): Responsible for transportation of event equipment and supplies.
  • Night Crew: Assisting with overnight tasks such as security or maintenance.
  • Blogging/Social: Creating content for the event's social media channels or blog.
Think about the category that best fits your skills and interests. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you!