🎯Define your event

Key questions to scope your event

Pro-tip: write your answers to these questions in a doc so it can be shared with other collaborators.

Goals and strategy

  1. What is your objective for this event?

  2. What topic do you want to center around?

  3. What do you want the key takeaways from your event to be?

  4. How will it be different from existing events?

  5. What defines success for the event?

  6. How many attendees are you expecting?

  7. Who is your audience? From which location are they coming from?

  8. What is your benchmark?


  1. What is the budget range you are anticipating for this event?

  2. What are you key criteria to decide the location?

  3. What is important for the venue?

  4. What is the optimal timing?

  5. Who will be on stage?

  6. What will be the main topic presented?

Services needed

  1. What will you use for registration and ticketing?

  2. Do you want security at your event?

  3. Do you need a website in addition to registration and ticketing?

  4. What kind of audio, visual, and video requires do you have?

    1. Think about the following:

      1. Will the event be filmed? Live-streamed?

      2. What kind of content do you want to be able to share after the event?

    2. Audio, visual, and video requirements include:

      1. Display option for screen sharing

      2. microphone set up

      3. sound set up (for video sharing)

      4. video crew recordings

      5. photographer

  5. Do you need specific branding for this event?

  6. What kind of content do you want to produce leading up to the event? How will you leverage social media?

  7. What will be your catering options?

  8. Do you need a DJ?

  9. What kind of swag do you want for event attendees, if any?

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