Our mission

#PBW23 is an open, independent, non-profit initiative that seeks to unite and assist all cryptocurrency related events taking place in Prague in early June 2023.
The aim of this initiative is to create a collaborative space where individual organisers can exchange knowledge, experience, contacts and other necessary things to make their event the best it can be. Together, our individual topics and reach can be stronger.
Legal representation for the #PBW23 initiative is being handled by the non-profit and independent UTXO Foundation z.s., a Czech officially registered collective that supports local cryptocurrency events.
We are just an independent initiative, each #PBW23 event is organised individually by specific individuals or teams. The events that make it onto our list go through basic screening, but we are not responsible in any way for their content or activities.


  • collecting all publicly available data on all events and maintaining a GitHub repository with that data (JSON), processing of PRs
  • operation of a website providing information on all events, venues etc. (using PBW data) - (source)
  • creation of PBW documentation (or PBW Guide), for both visitors and hosts - (source)
  • managing community spaces around PBW (Telegram/Signal groups, Discord etc.) - sharing experiences, contacts, etc. (see Contact Us)
  • Informing the general public via Twitter - @prgblockweek​

Additional Goals

  • providing assistance and support to the individual event organisers
  • marketing support for events on social media and other channels
  • providing recommendations on accommodation and travel for all visitors
  • communication with local or international news agencies
  • encouraging teams or individuals to host an event(s)
  • initiating various inter-community gatherings to deepen cooperation
  • getting the support from the city or tourist agencies (Prague City Tourism, CzechTourism..)
  • cooperation with influencers and personalities associated with Prague
  • everything will be transparent and open (website source code, event list, budget, etc.)

PBW Maintainers

Maintainers have write access to the main GitHub repositories and source data, including the website.
Julian Mifsud Żnuber (jmznub)
Tonda (cryptonda)
Petr Klein

PBW Contributors

Contributors are key PBW participants who are in charge of a specific activity.
Want to join the team? We are looking for anyone who can help with our initiative. Please contact us!

PBW Allies

Allies is a broader group of people who are not specifically in charge of something particular, but are willing to help us to the extent they can (PBW Allies group). Anyone can become a PBW Allie!