Here are some tactics to spread the word and boost registration.

Brand your PBW23 event

Get creative with your event name. This helps set the tone prior to anyone setting foot in the venue. If you get this right from the start, every other marketing tactic will be much easier

Social Media

Think about where your target audience lives online (it’s most likely Twitter and Discord) and focus your efforts on those channels.

Owned Content Plan

Aim to announce on your owned social media channels about one month prior to your event date. Follow this announcement up with weekly reminders to RSVP. You should increase the cadence of your posts during the week prior to the event if you haven’t hit your attendee goals yet.
Remember to mix your content up. Can you tweet out a relevant quote from an event speaker? Is there a partner involved that you can host a giveaway with? Just remember to always include an RSVP link with all pre-event posts.

Live Audio Social

Twitter Spaces, Discord Stages and Clubhouses can be an effective marketing tactic if you have partners or opinion leaders (with high follower counts) involved that will draw listeners to your live audio session to discuss the event prior to launching.

Partner Posts

If you have partners and brands in the space or speakers involved in your event, make sure you send them materials and ask them to post.


Owned email list

If you have an internal user email list — and you should! — send a blast to inform your community of the upcoming event. It’s a good idea to open up the RSVP list or ticket sales to your community members first during an “Early Access” campaign. This will give your campaign an initial boost and reward your most loyal users.

Partner email lists

If your event is attached to a conference, contact a rep to see if your event can be included in a blast to conference attendees. If that’s not an option, consider a sponsored listing in an events newsletters targeted to the city you’re hosting in.

Guest list

If you are using an RSVP system to record attendees, make sure to capture emails as users respond. Use this list to send pre-event communications with need to know information, content that will generate hype and a reminder email on the day of the event.

Keep the momentum going

Don’t stop when PBW23 ends. Keep your community connected and excited for future events with a few simple wrap-up tasks.


If you want to see an insanely high email open rate, send a blast to event attendees with photos from your experience. Everyone is going to want to scan for themselves in the recap. Add a CTA to visit your website or download your app while you’re at it!


Generate some FOMO by posting recap photos and videos during and after the event.


If you have a blog, post a photo and written recap of the experience. This is a great tool to showcase your brand’s personality IRL. It’s also helpful to have everything in one place for future event partner pitches.
Last modified 2mo ago