What is Prague Blockchain Week?

Prague Blockchain Week (#PBW23) is a decentralized conference and gathering of all people interested in cryptocurrencies and related topics. It consists of many independent events across Jun 2 - 11, including conferences, hackathons, workshops, community meetups, as well as various parties and happy hours.

These events will focus on a variety of different cryptocurrency ecosystems and topics such as hard money, payments, DeFi, Web3, DAOs, CryptoEconomics, NFTs, DeSci, mining, and many more.

What is decentralized conference?

A decentralized conference is a series of related events happening around the same place and time, put on by a community. The goal is to enable people and groups to host their own events, loosely coordinating with the rest of the community.

Who is this week for?

Our week is for anyone interested in cryptocurrencies, whether they are professionals, developers, or just enthusiasts. Many of these events are open to all interested individuals and collaborators. Please see the schedule and register to participate. We look forward to your presence and hope to see you there!

All events are optional?!?

Yes! This conference allows you to customize your experience by selecting the events, sessions, arrival and departure dates, and activities that appeal to you.

We are currently working on creating a great schedule and welcome your suggestions, feedback, and contributions through Pull Requests & Issues. Your input will help us make this event even more valuable for you.

I’m in! How do I participate?

Take a look at the schedule and sign up for any events that interest you. Each event is run independently, so the policies for ticketing and registration may vary. Feel free to participate in as many events as you are able to.

Can I host an event?

Yes, you can definitely host your own event! For more information, go to the Event Host Guide page.

Can I request travel or childcare assistance?

Please contact us.

How do I contact the organizers?

You can find contacts to organizers on the Contact Us page.

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